Why The “thehiddenwiki.org” Sucks

The Hidden Wiki (thehiddenwiki.org) is a popular website that contains information about the dark web and various links to dark web sites. Despite its name, it is not actually a wiki. A wiki is a website like Wikipedia that anyone can edit, sometimes anonymously or with an account. However, thehiddenwiki.org Wiki is actually a blog run by one person.

Although many people think of it as a reliable source of information and links, it is actually anything but. thehiddenwiki.org has many problems.

The first and foremost of these problems is that it is completely outdated. The homepage and link directory itself has not been updated since 2013. Most of the links on the page are now broken, and new links have not been added to replace them. The blog is not much better. The last post is from 2017, and the post before that is from 2015. At this point, the site appears to be completely dead.

Unlike the clear web, where websites usually stay online and operational for many years, and the most popular websites like Google and YouTube keep working, on the dark web things are different. Most dark web websites have a lifespan measured closer to months. Even if a site stays online, its URL may sometimes change, requiring you to find it again with a reliable source. A website that does not update its links is nearly useless on the dark web.

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, there is one last nail in the coffin. thehiddenwiki.org is not merely useless. It is worse than useless. Many of the links that it provides are links to scam sites that will take your money and run.

Why would a website allow links to scams? Well, there are several possible reasons. Optimistically, the best possible reason is that the website operators don’t know these sites are scams. This is grossly negligent, but at least not actively malicious. However, there is a darker reason, one that is all too common on the dark web. These website operators benefit from linking to scams. Often scammers will pay these websites to host links to their scam sites and ask them to look the other way.

Can you trust any of the links on a website run by such a person? No.

So what is the alternative? Where can you go to find a website that has reliable information and links to websites that you can trust?

newhiddenwiki.com is a website that does everything that the thehiddenwiki.org was supposed to do, but reliably. All of the content is vetted thoroughly before it is allowed on the website. The moment a website is even suspected of being a scam, it is immediately removed from the list. Then it is reviewed with very close attention to detail. If it is confirmed to be a scam, it is permanently removed and its owner is banned.

Its content is also kept up-to-date by the use of an automatic ping service. If a website is down for too long, it is automatically removed from the list. New content is added periodically.

In a world of scammers, it can be hard to know who to trust. One person can’t do all of that work themselves for every website they encounter. This is why newhiddenwiki.com has a team of people verifying its content.

In conclusion, should you use the thehiddenwiki.org? No. We have something better now.

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