The Updated List of Tor Onion Links

Welcome to the new hidden wiki! This site was created because most hidden wiki sites are years out of date and full of dead onion links. I hope to keep an updated hidden wiki site for years to come.

Link Lists & Search Engines

http://tordex7iie7z2wcg.onion/ – TorDex uncensored Tor search engine
http://tor6277mihmszquj.onion/ – Tor66 find onion sites – The Uncensored Hidden Wiki

Financial Services

http://64fgu54a3tlsgptx.onion/ – We are one of the biggest deep web carding stores which deals in cloned credit cards (Both Mastercard, VISA, PIN Verified), We will deliver cards all over the world. We accept bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum.

http://uujpnnqf4sr4qezc.onion/ – Best PayPal & Bank Account Vendor On Tor

http://cww3thylhshwbcoi.onion/ – We provide the best and the safest gift card codes available on the dark web.

http://sgjfdl42o6565wli.onion/ -Bitcoin escrow service that protects both buyers and sellers, through an independent and impartial service.


http://slwcwqdn742v4czh.onion/ – Oldest pre-paid debit cards vendor, Top quality Us & Eu credit cards!

http://mjiyg2w2kehda4nvszxplb4buhnbv24corwn6vq3vxqfrfeu5y6epfad.onion/ – Onion marketplace for everybody!

http://brohoodahjzxriv7.onion/ – We are a group of expert & professional hackers, carders from all over the world, who has developed skills from the shadows of dark web & deepweb with hidden services, Our primary goal is to give you safe and secure proficient hacking and financial services.

http://rklwoxrl2ch3qmpxkumsi3eygnna2rwxcxctjs66tlc3qcydvr2mhjqd.onion/ – Tor verified onion site for credit card and all other needs.

http://dreaftflawak44vk.onion/ – DreamWeavers offers high quality prepaid products for a great deal.

http://22pptucvctwtcbzz.onion/ – The Tor Marketplace For Buying & Selling PayPal Accounts.

http://bnco2ptobr7gmog2.onion/ – Offshore Banking and Bitcoin Mixer service

http://ccki65il7qkscd5d.onion/ – CC Kingdom provides USD / EURO prepaid credit cards and PayPal accounts with money balances they veteran and reliable team that provides real and authentic photos of their operation.

Commercial Services

http://weedbn7o7w4i4pl6.onion/ – Fresh Weed Delivered World Wide

http://3lju2s7nj2aa6vow.onion/ – The #1 Wholesaler of Genuine USD Notes

http://quality2ui4uooym.onion/ – Vendor on Alphabay, Dream and previous markets – selling all kind of medication.

http://chemradvzlfaqeqc.onion/ – 93% Quality Cocaine from Colombia, Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

http://bbgrvhjgn4imm3ew.onion/ – Bulkbrigade – Your main dutch plug

http://icocainpsv5u5vat.onion/ – Fire flake cocaine, best cartel meth and purest heroin delivered from the USA worldwide by veteran vendor. Contact me:

Email and Communication

http://m6ssh6ejcsppepa5.onion/ – Secure anonymous dark net email service that cares about your privacy.

http://x5adiunicfsaakoesyhhyvewgq7ijaqob4qpie6icibcluayrd4ww3qd.onion/ – Simple and secure v3 hidden service for sending and receiving e-mails.

Forums and Chans



So you want to access .onion sites, but you don’t know how. Then this guide is for you!

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  1. Am broke should I call it aloan ,please I beg I will be good to any one willing to help in the new world I have entered m ready to work in every situation which comes across.

  2. Hey I’m new here and i really want to make money but I’m broke asf
    Someone please help me… I’ll be loyal please πŸ•œπŸ™

  3. Greetings bosses
    Am really out to learn hacking anybody willing to teach me as am not the type to ask or beg for money online….I want to learn and am willing to pay…

  4. Like I said earlier am willing to learn hacking, and I can pay for it,o really want it learn as i felt in love with hacking after I watch the movie called hacker….here is my mail,you can contact me on it,

  5. What CC sites have any of the visitors here used?
    Who is reliable and honest as honest as you can be on the darkweb) and will actually supply CC rather than simply run off with your money?
    I’m looking for recommendations not scammers.

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